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In the face of the many struggles members of our community are dealing with, we at The Center have decided to do something different. We are partnering with #ZeroReasonsWhy, which is a teen-led storytelling and community mobilization campaign. (

Ultimately, #ZRW drives peer-to-peer conversations in order to remove the stigma surrounding mental health and expand suicide prevention efforts. What began in the Kansas City metro is now available to us and we are ready to initiate this groundbreaking approach in our four-county service area (Barton, Rice, Stafford, and Pawnee).

As you may know, it has long been dream The Center to help make mental health = to physical health and implementing #ZeroReasonsWhy in our community will help to do just that. This work revolves around:

     1. Removing the Stigma — eliminating the stigma associated with suicide and mental health struggles, and opening the dialogue for real cha2

     2. Building Community Support — bringing the community closer to spur unconditional support without judgment.

     3. Committing to Education — Improving and implementing mental health (and suicide prevention) education consistently and earlier

Because this is a teen led campaign, we are encouraging area teens to connect and serve as our Executive Team. We are also relying on area school districts, businesses, health care providers, and supportive adults to connect with us as community partners.

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