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Homosexuality & Bisexuality
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Sexual Orientation: Science, Education and Policy
Dr. Gregory Herek
This fantastic resource is a must read for anyone who wants to learn about homophobia (the prejudicial fear of homosexuality). The site features work by Dr. Gregory Herek, an internationally recognized authority on sexual prejudice, hate crimes, and AIDS stigma. It provides factual information to promote the use of scientific knowledge for education and enlightened public policy related to sexual orientation and HIV/AIDS.

Gay Men's Health Crisis
Gay Men's Health Crisis
Provides information and referrals for persons affected by AIDS, including gay men, lesbian women, bisexuals, transgenders, straight, and immigrants. Extensive collection of articles, information and resources. Also provides information on their programs and services.

The Gender Trust
Gender Trust - UK
The Gender Trust is an on line companion to GEMS, an association for people with Gender Issues such as transsexuality, Gender Dysphoria. It is a support group for people, and is supported by many clinicians and therapists. I found that the information in this site to be of particular value in explanation of the issues and the aims of GEMS.

San Francisco Frontiers Online Newsmagazine
Frontiers Newsmagazine
Frontiers Media is an LGBT media company, spanning digital, mobile, print and web television. On the website, you'll find photographs and articles which illustrate the diversity, talent, creativity, activism, humor, spirit and vision of the community, as well as local, state and national perspectives on the issues which affect people's lives.

Queer Resources Directory
Queer Resources Directory
A massive archive of files about everything queer including families, youth religion, media, events, culture, legal and workplace issues, organizations, political news, and activism. Additions are welcome.