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Headspace is meditation made simple, a way of treating your head right. Using proven meditation and mindfulness techniques we?ll show you how to train your mind for a healthier, happier, more enjoyable life.

Happier, Inc
Happier is a way to discover, create, and share small moments you appreciate in your daily life. Like a friendly personal coach, our app, courses, and awesome community are here to help you stop saying, "I'll be happy when..." and start saying, "I'm happier now because...."


MapMyFitness uses built in GPS technology to provide runners, cyclists and walkers the ability to map, record and track their workouts. In addition, users have access to a searchable database of local routes, online training tools, event listings and more. Users can also Import workouts from over 400 compatible devices, including Jawbone, Garmin, Polar and Fitbit.

C25K (Couch to 5K)
Zen Labs LLC
The C25K program was designed for inexperienced runners who are just beginning an exercise routine.The plan's structure prevents new runners from giving up and at the same time challenges them to continue moving forward. C25K wstarts with a mix of running and walking, gradually building up strength and stamina.

Sworkit Lite
Nexercise Apps, Inc
Get dynamically created video routines from 5 to 60 minutes. You set the time! Your digital trainer creates the program to fit your schedule, instead of needing to adapt your schedule to work out. Just choose your high-level focus area between Strength, Cardio, Yoga / Pilates, and Stretching, and then pick among any of our dynamic length video workouts. Create your own custom workouts (or modify any existing one) using any exercise in our library for a fully personalized experience.